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Text "Butthole Surfers - Lady Sniff"

Lady sniff, my twisted Lincoln
Lady walk alone
Lately when I see you baby
Lord I gotta go
Walkin' down that stinky highway
Got to meet my man
Lately when I smell you baby
Woah, my God Damn
And I say No, yeah, lemme know
Take me back to Detroit, Paul, yeah heheh
Lady Sniff my broken teabag, Lady walk the road
Lately when I see that teabag, I can't take no more
lady walk that greasy gravy, Lord my ?!?!?!
Lately when I eat you baby, Lord I just can't see
Lemme know, lord, lemme know, yeah baby, nooo
Pass me some of that dumbass over there, Hey, boy I tell ya.
He he he he heh
Lady walk with fur-burger, and ??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!
Lately when I see you baby, got to have my skin
Lady walk that greasy highway, stinky holy war
lately when I see you baby, walkin out my door
And I say no, yeah I mean no, No oh oh oh oh noooo
Ma, bring me my bacon, MA!!??
Lady my old walk the walls
Oh, what the hell you say?
walk 'em all, those roly-polys, each and every day.
Lady use my stinky pinky, rooty- dooty-doo
Lately when I see you baby don't know what I do.
And I say No, yeah I mean no, Yeahhhh Noooooo Hey bo
Hey, wait a minute, BOY !? (or Vern?)

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