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Text "Lightsaber - World"

Often I wonder
that do not understand
I live with you now after all the years

We are one body
two dates of birth
You're my third-world touch

I am your port
towards separation
Wild River water level

First Kiss
spring equinoctial
same planet, two other worlds

I know what it is
My girlfriend is from Asia
I expect us to kill someone
that I am from Prague and Those of Asia ...

What is that line
who 'divide
soul, body, fate

what a burden
that forces the world
turn inside

Who is there without guilt
they throw these
write an exclamation point at the end of the sentence

Záhorie for love
flame color
same planet, two other worlds

I know what it is ...

And you watch
Smutnejma eyes
Going to the movies tonight
Is to go after mines
World is at a slant
Whole is askew
Our černobílej World
In which case life

Time is running out to us
I want to live for You
We drink wine with a

at least I hope so
Once you go to heaven
Heaven will be my next Tvýho

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