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Text "Sawyer Brown - Talkin' 'bout You"

Mama came home going on and on 'bout the new girl down at the beauty salon
She said after what I saw today
Our little town will never be the same
I didn't even have to think twice
As far as I was concerned
I was hoping she was right

She was talkin' 'bout you
The way you walk the you talk, ain't no doubt
Talkin' 'bout you
Sinking sand that every red blooded man dreams about
Well I'll admit I've got that fever too
Well I can't quite talkin' 'bout you

I never got the respect I deserved
From that rowdy bunch of boys down at work
Now when I talk that assembly line stops
You can almost here a pin drop
They just cannot get enough
That don't bother me, cause I sure love


I ain't never thought too much about settling down
No woman's ever made me think what I'm thinking now


Talkin' 'bout you girl
Talkin' 'bout you

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