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Text "Plus One - Forever"

Written by Jeremy Mhire, Greg Bleck, Michelle McAfee

I lost you in the darkness
when I fell from the light
I held onto the world too tight
I thought I'd never find you
I thought I'd be alone
but you took my hand and led me home

Now I know that you'll always be where I go

Forever is a long time
to be without you in my life
I wanna keep you by my side
cuz forever is a long time

You have faith when I'm faithless
strength when I don't
You believe in me
even when I won't
You are patient, you are true
your love is what gets me through
Now I know
that you'll always be where I go


Even when I'm pulled apart at the seams
And it's hard to believe
Even in my darkest hour, my darkest day
You shine on me


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