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Text "Modern Talking - Independent Girl"

A limousine in the night
drives away out of sight.
The girl inside has stolen my pride,
run away with my whole life.

Don´t expect she´ll turn around,
think about what she left behind.
It´s time to know what´s goin´ on.
She turned my world around.

She´s the one, she´s the girl
that left me in this misery,
stole my pride, stole my life,
leaving me in mystery.

You´re my independent girl,
you try to rule my world.
And everytime she goes,
she´ll cast me in her spell.
Independent girl living in her world,
you never know how well –
my love for her is blind.

You´re my independent girl,
you try to rule my world -
an independent girl.

Day and night she feels no shame.
Love to her is just a game.
´Cause of her I feel I changed,
feel the day of her return.

Calls my name, plays the game,
way ahead of time.
Stole my pride, kills my life,
leaving me in disbelief

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