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Text "Merle Haggard - I'm Free"

Though I haven't got a penny to my name
I've got wealth beyond compare just the same
In my mind the greatest treasure there could be
Just to live the way I live because I'm free

I'm not bound to anyone that takes my time or pleasuers that will pray up on my mind
And I walk the roads and do just as I please my life belongs to me cause I'm free
I'm free from social ties that tend to bind me
Or to live the life that wasn't meant for me
Competing for the things that have no meaning
I'm wealthy in my mind because I'm free
[ harmonica ]
The ribbons of the land that keep me a knowing
There's always something new for me to see
A whistle in the wind then I'll be going to live the way I live because I'm free
Though I haven't got a penny...

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