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Text "Aesop Rock - Meter Feeder Leak Edit"

Researcher #1: What's new?
Researcher #2: Oh, I never said. The blood analysis came back from the lab- Most of

it was from a lion, but some of it was from a bat.
Hail Mary Mallon: Hey, what's up dude, want a Sun Chip?!
Deepthroat: Fuck you, Hail Mary Mallon! FUCK YOU!
Hail Mary Mallon: *Blubbering*...
Deepthroat: *Laughing*

[Aesop Rock]
Bucket seater-theater sucks at egging-beef
Rig a little pixelated ticker telling prisoners take a number please
Name and occupation Aesop twiddle thumbs with underlings
Foreign jobs, head shrunk, agent million sex drugs
Barrel ain't escorted by a chorus line of bed bugs
Lo-tech drip from his neck outa cement woods
We come in pieces under eaches unwilling
Kicking and screaming creatures humming to the beat of the city
It's the parking ticket of guilty
Beetlejuice in the wedding room
Ogle in his birdie put the Double-D in "Day of Doom"
Personal space invaders they is made of play-of-lose
And you can see a sitting duck grow up into a baying wolf, Live
Tell another semi-ugly weather
Like a decade in a glass box, yelling, shook her feathers
Utter "1-2" The ice surrender mine flesh
He said put the yellow sticker on your fender, NEXT!

*Interlude of animal noises*

[?Rob Sonic?]
Gotta fly in the morning
Better pack a potato
Raging bull mad truck never bagging the rain kill
Curse of the slango feather take it and late rope
Double Jack drink, 6 minutes till gate close
Excuse me dougie fresh, I'm lost
Part bad, rabble the raffle, arrest off
Dial it down, know where the ghost of the great flood
With his styrofoam finger making it rain wounds
Take down bang-job taking a blank check, and
I'm buff slim-jim, drinks, and John Lennon
Uncle Bobby blast-it and back at the wrong wedding
Cause I came for the food but I stayed for the prom dresses!
One block heavy, it's gonna be $6.80
No-cheating tempers go hunting with Dick Cheney
Slowly let the dogs out quicker than finish Halo
That all-black tips is picking the winnebago

Researcher 3: You see, we're being attacked by a creature from the future...

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